Hailing from the Midwest and coming to Tanglewood Supreme from the kitchens of Seattle's Brasa Restaurant and Mona's Bistro is Chef Jeffrey Kessenich. Originally from Wisconsin, Chef Jeffrey attended Culinary School at the Art Institute in North Carolina before choosing Seattle as a launching point for a culinary career. Attracted by the wealth of local produce, seafood and artisan purveyors it seemed the ideal place for such an endeavor.

Relationships with local purveyors is a vital part of Tanglewood Supreme and something to which Chef Jeffrey believes is a necessity for creating not only fantastic food but also a restaurant that supports and becomes a part of the local economy. Such relationships pair tremendously with Chef Jeffrey's belief in providing food that is as sustainable, local and as seasonal as possible.

Chef Jeffrey brings an attention to detail that is prevalent in the dishes of Tanglewood Supreme. Varying textures, striking visuals and nostalgic aromas all present themselves in the food. A firm believer that dining is about enticing all of the senses, care is taken to provide a complete dish that encapsulates the seasonality and essence of the items being presented.

a local seafood bistro